About us


Energie is a boutique pilates studio in the heart of downtown Hinsdale.  While all of our instructors are certified in pilates, Energie encourages our instructors to be creative and innovative in their approach to movement.  No two classes are the same as are no two instructors so you can always keep your body guessing and your mind active in a result-driven 55 to 60 minute workout.


Space on the third floor is reserved for personal private training and small group training.  Private sessions can both introduce the beginning client to the principles of training or refine the established skills of an advanced student.  Small group training allows for more personalized attention while bringing friends together.  Workouts can be personally designed specific to clients’ needs. Please call the studio for more infomation.


At Energie, we offer a wide range of health, fitness, and personal services.Our spa team is made up of some of the best providers around.  They proudly offer the following services… Hair Salon, Massages, Medical Aesthetics, Skin Care & Waxing, Nutritional Services, Acupuncture, and Airbrush Tanning